We are thrilled to officially refresh our brand and reveal our new name. 

For the last several months, we have been working up to this moment, and we are beyond excited to introduce you to Kinetic Strategies. 

Before diving into the reasoning behind our name change, we’d like to reflect on our evolution as a company. A+G Digital started in 2019 with ambitions to support down-ballot campaigns. The company’s scope, growth, and impact far exceeded his initial expectations as one client turned into five and five turned into ten. Since then, we’ve partnered with dozens of campaigns and causes by developing branding, building websites, managing innovative digital fundraising programs, organizing voters online, and running cross-channel persuasion and mobilization advertising programs.

We have always prided ourselves on being agile and responsive, so in a way, we were kinetic from the very beginning: always in motion and continuously evolving. This ethos has helped our clients raise millions of dollars and has driven movements forward. Now, we are embarking on our next chapter as a company that lives and breathes this culture. We are steadfast in continuing to build successful programs and be a firm that is not afraid to try new things in an ever-changing digital ecosystem.  

Since our inception, we have positioned ourselves as an embedded firm, and we are redoubling our efforts to do just that. We are not just your digital firm — we are integrated partners who will never resort to cookie-cutter tactics or unethical practices that have tainted our industry. It is our commitment to quality, diversity, learning, and ethics that has allowed us to build the foundation of a company that will continue to earn the trust of our clients for years to come. 

On behalf of our team — Alexis, Amir, Anatolia, our two Bens, Faith, Joy, Juli, Michael, and Prachi — we can’t wait to keep moving with you.