Following Congressman Charlie Crist’s decision to run for Governor, Florida’s 13th Congressional district swiftly emerged as one of the most fiercely contested battlegrounds in the nation. Eric Lynn, a candidate with a sizable email list, faced a significant challenge with low open rates and underwhelming online fundraising performance throughout his campaign. With the recommendation of the DCCC, Kinetic was brought on board to turn things around.


Leveraging smart and strategic segmentation techniques, as well as domain warming software, our team swiftly embarked on a mission to break free from the deliverability logjam. Simultaneously, we successfully reactivated over 50% of the campaign’s email list. Within a mere 60 days, the active universe expanded from a modest 1,500 individuals to an impressive segment exceeding 20,000. Building on this progress, Kinetic executed aggressive acquisition plans to further bolster the active segment, amplifying campaign reach and impact.


The results of our collaborative efforts were nothing short of remarkable. Open rates consistently soared, indicating increased engagement and resonance with recipients. Google Postmaster ratings, an essential metric for deliverability performance, oscillated between high and medium, signifying a significant improvement from the campaign’s previous struggles. The days of being hamstrung by deliverability challenges were now firmly behind them. The revitalized email program experienced a dramatic transformation, transcending from raising a mere couple hundred dollars a month to generating tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Kinetic’s extensive experience in optimizing deliverability and maximizing fundraising yields proved instrumental in achieving this outcome.