Our founder played a pivotal role as a consultant during Governor Polis’ successful gubernatorial campaign in Colorado in 2018. Our team leveraged innovative digital strategies to create a powerful email program that was able to capture the energy, excitement, and uniqueness of Jared’s candidacy and cut through to voters.


Working closely with campaign staff, we developed content ideas that not only raised money but matched the online brand Jared created for himself through his years of leadership in Congress. We poked fun at his style, leaned into his background as a successful entrepreneur, and made his email program human-centered — and fun!


When you put people at the core of what you do, results follow suit. That’s exactly what happened with Jared’s online program. We were able to grow his list to over 100,000 subscribers and then build a relationship with those subscribers through carefully curated and segmented content. We also used email for ballot chasing, relying on data from the Colorado Secretary of State office to automate emails to voters who hadn’t returned their ballot yet. Governor Polis sailed to victory.