Recognizing the historically low rates of political participation in Texas, the Workers Defense Project (WDP) embarked on a mission to engage and mobilize young Latino and Black voters. The goal was not only to encourage their participation in the midterm elections but also to draw attention to the crucial races taking place in the state legislature. Collaborating closely with WDP, we undertook the planning, launch, and management of a robust six-figure campaign aimed at inspiring young voters of color. Our collective efforts laid the foundation for a future shift in the Texas state legislature.


Time was of the essence, as WDP received a sudden influx of funding and needed to launch the campaign promptly. We swiftly built and implemented a comprehensive cross-channel paid media program, strategically targeting Black and Latino voters. Compelling videos took center stage, featuring real-life stories of young individuals from diverse backgrounds across Texas, illustrating how politics and state legislative elections directly impact their families and everyday lives. Employing a county-by-county approach, we meticulously developed a media plan for Facebook and YouTube, considering factors such as the number of 18-24 year-old voters, their modeled persuasion and turnout scores, and the historical competitiveness of each region.


The impact of our campaign was profound, as young voters demonstrated an unprecedented level of engagement in state legislative elections. This marked a significant turning point in grassroots efforts to increase turnout and enthusiasm for state and local elections. According to the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), young voters accounted for 22% of the electorate in 2022, a substantial increase from a mere 8% less than a decade ago. This surge in youth voter participation can be attributed in part to our paid media campaign, which reached over 1.1M voters, generated an average total frequency of between 5-10, and played a pivotal role in driving historic voter participation rates during a midterm election.