California voters faced a critical decision that would have a profound impact on the gig economy and worker protections. Proposition 22 aimed to exempt app-based transportation and delivery companies from classifying their workers as employees. We came on board to build a social strategy that educated the public about the implications for workers’ rights, fostered discussions and debates around the gig economy online, and mobilized opposition to the most expensive ballot initiative in American history, financed by tech giants like Lyft and Uber. 


Our content strategy harnessed the power of storytelling and utilized a diverse array of media formats including videos, animations, and graphics. Our primary focus was on elevating the voices and experiences of gig workers themselves. By sharing their stories, we captivated audiences and fostered organic engagement. In the process, we were able to accumulate hundreds of millions of impressions online. As embedded partners, we worked with a consultant team to shift public opinion even as Uber and Lyft were pouring a record-setting $200 million into the effort to convince voters.


Despite being outspent by a staggering 13:1 ratio, our story- and human-centered content approach along with a strategic communications effort online helped tighten the margin, turning the ballot initiative into a toss-up. Despite coming up short, the campaign fundamentally changed the conversation surrounding the way gig workers are classified and the battle for their rights only grew stronger as a result of this fight.