Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights (OPRR) started as a very active Facebook group in the aftermath of the Dobbs decision which triggered one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the nation in Ohio. These concerned doctors banded together and rallied support among 4,000 physicians and health care professionals in favor of a ballot measure that would enshrine abortion rights in the state’s constitution. Among members of the coalition, OPRR collected the most signatures to qualify for the ballot and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from small-dollar donors. Issue 1, the Reproductive Freedom Amendment, was passed by an overwhelming majority of Ohio voters.


When Kinetic joined the team, the organization’s open and click rates were abysmal — in the low single digits — hindering the organization’s ability to reach supporters and convert them into donors. We immediately began our engagement by adopting deliverability best practices like smart segmenting, introduced A/B testing, and reactivated many inactive supporters. We set up a texting program that ran parallel to our email program and made strategic acquisitions that generated a full ROI in breakneck speed.

Our cadence of emails increased and our content approach was more intentional and agile. We sent emails around frames that were tested and were quick to jump on any news related to Issue 1 to make the program responsive in real time. Throughout, we were able to build the voice and brand of the doctors behind the organization, so our message was rooted in science and medicine. That along with a strong origin story created a substantive, human-centered email program that cut through even in an environment where small dollar programs have seen substantial declines in hauls.


Our open and click rates skyrocketed, our domain rating improved, and OPRR was becoming a fundraising juggernaut by tapping into a very active and engaged supporter base primarily in Ohio. In the first two months after taking over the program, our online program alone raised well into the six figures. Our texting program which we grew from nothing paid for itself several times over and the organization is set up to continue its advocacy work as Ohio politicians and lawmakers are already conjuring up ways to undermine the will of Ohioans.