Following Ruben Gallego’s decision to run for the U.S. Senate, a highly anticipated opportunity emerged for a new candidate to fill his vacant congressional seat. Yassamin Ansari, Vice Mayor of Phoenix and the youngest woman ever elected to Phoenix’s City Council, stepped forward and announced her candidacy for Congress in April 2023. Throughout this historic campaign, Kinetic stood by Yassamin’s side, providing unwavering support every step of the way.


Ahead of the official campaign launch, we collaborated closely with partners and consultants to develop a comprehensive strategy that would set the stage for success. Our efforts encompassed creating compelling partner content, working with affiliates to push Yassamin’s message of community, establishing a robust online fundraising program from the ground up, and diligently growing Yassamin’s online presence to expand her following. 


As of the writing of this case study, Yassamin has recently announced her fundraising numbers for the first quarter since the campaign launch, and the results have been remarkable. Exceeding all expectations, she successfully raised nearly $500,000, surpassing the combined fundraising totals of all her opponents. In fact, her fundraising achievement outshone that of any other Democratic candidate in the West. Notably, a substantial portion of these funds were generated through digital channels, highlighting the effectiveness of our digital fundraising efforts in driving success. Using Amplify with Kinetic, our influencer offering, Yassamin garnered an impressive 750,000 unique impressions during the first few days of launch, along with over 300k views on her announcement tweet. The success didn’t stop there—Yassamin achieved her highest number of likes and retweets ever on a single tweet. The campaign also saw an immediate ROI of 218% on this investment within the first month by recuperating the costs of Amplify with Kinetic through social media fundraising. This remarkable outcome further solidifies the power of our influencer-driven approach in maximizing Yassamin’s online visibility and engagement.